Simon Chan

Twickenham, London

Development Manager

Former lead/senior front end web developer who believes in web standards and accessibility - core skill sets are:

  • HTML5
  • JS, jQuery (& DOM scripting)
  • Accessibility
  • Prototyping / rapid visualisation
  • Pixel perfect build from designs's
  • UX
  • Responsive / adaptive web dev
  • CMS / .NET integration

I am a specialist in helping clients scope and plan their site builds. My expertise and experience as a lead/senior FE Dev means that I can communicate technical concepts to non technical clients and vice versa. This makes me a integral part of any team that wishes to plan large scale web project that requires the buy in from many different departments.

Jan 2024

  • Finished working with a large uk furniture chain, looking for new opportunities.
dummy and laptop

About me

Contract Front End developer

I am a development manager, used to managing teams of developers and a former lead front end developer who believes in creating valid web standards based markup whilst following good accessibility practises.

Comprehensive experience of translating business requirements into workable technical front end solutions. I also enjoy taking an active role in the development/design iteration process.

Comfortable working on new project builds or extending/maintaining existing codebase.

Platform independent front end web developent - happy to work in .Net/J2EE environment, mac/pc, using templating (Handlebars)/CMS (Episerver, Orchard, Sitefinity, Umbraco) systems, front end frameworks (Bootstrap/Materialize/Material Design Lite/Yahoo Pure.CSS, version control GIT/SVN/TFS and CSS/precompilers (SASS and LESS)/Object Orientated CSS with a BEM development approach.

Wide knowledge of working in various business channels such as telecoms, broadcasting, digital agency, banking/finance and national print media.

I am not interested in software development roles e.g. mostly React/Angular roles

Tablet development