Front End developer Contract

I am a front end web developer who believes in web standards and accessibility - my core skill sets are: - HTML5; CSS (2, 3, LESS & SASS); jQuery (& DOM scripting); accessibility; UX; prototyping; responsive and adaptive web dev; and CMS / .NET integration.

This site is a constant work in progress.

10th March 2015

  • DOMAIN DOWN - Apologies. It seems widdle and email was down for the last few days. Network Solutions have now brought the domain back to life!

5th March 2015

  • Update homepage

18th Feb 2015

  • Launch new site
  • Add Atlantis info to My Work page
  • Start coding an updated WIDDLEDOTCOM site
  • Decide to replace older, more complex site with basic bootstrap based design
  • Simplify site structure

16th Feb 2015

  • Winter sabbatical ends

20th Dec 2014

  • Winter sabbatical starts
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